TempRocket makes the process of searching and booking temporary workers simpler, quicker, more efficient and more cost-effective and best of all, it’s free to use.

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TempRocket’s online system reduces an agencies overheads, admin workload, allows for cost effective expansion and manages out of hours booking confirmations in real time.

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TempRocket is a truly unique service which allows hirers to find and book you via your selected agency, while you remain in control of your working week without complication.

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How it works

Agencies import and upload their temporary workers into the system within seconds. Once uploaded organisations can input their requirements such as experience, pay rate and location and availability. The hirer will then get a list of approved and available candidates that match their stipulated search criteria. 

Booking is just as easy and is done at the touch of a button which instantly notifies the candidate, allowing them to either accept of decline the opportunity in real time.The hirer can build up a ‘reserve’ list of potential candidates, so should the initial selection become unavailable the next option will move up the list, notifying them of the opportunity.

Alternatively, TempRocket allows employers to search for available candidates and bid an offer of pay for them. Employers insert their desired rate of pay and if the offer sits within the range set by the agency it is automatically accepted. If it falls outside of this range, hirers can make a one-time bid, alerting the agency through the dashboard where they can either accept or decline, giving the flexibility and confidence to hire effectively within set budgets. 

TempRocket not only makes hiring easy but managing temporary staff becomes streamlined as well.Once the worker has completed their assignment they submit a timesheet which is instantly available for approval by the hirer. Once approved, a notification is then sent to the worker and agency to confirm acceptance. This allows the agency to raise the invoice and payslips be processed and actioned seamlessly.

Through the dashboard employers can quickly calculate the daily savings made because of using the platform, delivering a clear visual analysis of the reduction in costs.

Whether there is a shortage in the public or private sector, the organisation is big or small, or if the requirements are for a single person, or hundreds of temporary staff, all hirers share the same problems. For the first time there is a single solution that works for all. 

Delivering savings in time and cost and enabling organisations to focus more energy on helping their customers rather than drowning in admin.Sign up to TempRocket to save time, money and get better people.