New study highlights worrying UK skills gap

Comparing current vacancies across British business to undergraduate enrolments in 2017, property consultancy Bidwells has uncovered a talent black hole that could prove disastrous for the UK economy.

There were more than three times more jobs available than undergraduates studying related courses in construction (9,310 enrolments for 28,000 vacancies) and scientific and technical sectors (72,000 compared to 21,970).

Other sectors looking at serious recruitment issues were education(16,745 enrolments compared to 50,000 vacancies), health and social work(64,115 compared to 133,00) and manufacturing (34,020 enrolments compare to 59,000).

The Open University, meanwhile, has estimated that the UK skills gap costs the country more than £2billion, and has found 91 percent of businesses have had difficulty recruiting in the last year, forcing them to pay higher salaries, incur greater recruitment costs or employ temporary staff as a result.

What does this mean?

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