Digital transformation of finance will benefit tech-savvy temps

The continued introduction of digital technology into finance departments across the UK will increase the demand for temporary workers with experience of helping companies with digital transformation, says 75% of chief financial officers (CFOs).

This is the finding of research by Robert Half UK, which reveals that companies need tech-savvy finance temps to help ensure a smooth digital transition.

Over a third of CFOs also believed that temporary staff will be crucial to ensure their businesses stay ahead of industry automation. They also agreed that temps bring a wide range of in-demand skills to their companies. Meanwhile, CFOs said that during 2018 they were most likely to budget for temps in financial management (32%), followed by accounting (28%) and credit management (27%).

What does this mean?

Good news for CFOs is that new online temporary recruitment platforms like TempRocket have made it quicker, easier and cheaper for companies to find the right temps, whatever the sector.