Recruitment firms are lagging behind when it comes to using new technology

To celebrate the launch of TempRocket’s newly-revamped website, today we’re kicking off a new weekly blog series in which we take a look at what news is dominating headlines across the recruitment industry and explore how digital is set to disrupt the sector like never before.

The news

A recent news story in Recruitment Grapevine suggests that recruitment firms and employment agencies are lagging behind when it comes to using new technology.

New research from Bullhorn’s UK Recruitment Trends report found that 40% of agencies don’t automate processes when engaging with clients. Additionally, more than three in 10 agencies don’t use technology at any stage of the recruitment process, with 22% of survey respondents not sure of the value of automation.

Peter Linas, EVP Corporate Development & International at Bullhorn, a recruiting technology firm, commented further on how many recruitment firms are finding technology a challenge:

“Despite being clear on how automation can benefit their efficiency and engagement levels, many recruitment agencies in the UK have yet to fully embrace it. Automating and accelerating recruitment and placement processes does remain a concern for the industry, with 29% of firms ranking it in their top three challenges for 2018. However, only 16% rank actually implementing automation technology as a top three priority.”

Despite the hurdles in place, he said that technology, as well as outsourcing, will be instrumental in helping to unlock process-aligned business value for recruitment firms:

“Recruitment businesses will need to consider how technology can be aligned with business process outsourcing (BPO) initiatives, with the end of goal of improving overall business performance. By combing global technology with outsourcing advantages, BPO firms are already providing recruitment clients with more efficient and cost-effective solutions.

What does this mean?

There is a huge opportunity for recruitment — none more so than the temporary recruitment sector — to leverage digital technology to provide a more efficient and effective service that streamlines the process for the benefit of all parties (hirers, agencies and contractors).

As the world becomes more digital, the recruitment sector has been slow to respond and is calling out for digital technology pioneers who will shake up the sector in the same way that online disruptors have transformed travel, transport, property and retail.

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